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Risk-free or Risky?

The Truth About Vaping

There is a lot of confusion about the health effects of using E-cigarettes-also referred to as vaping or JUULing. The e-liquid, or vape juice, is commonly believed to be harmless water vapor, but vape juice does contain nicotine, and is harmful to your overall health, just like cigarettes. 

One of the major health risks associated with E-cigarette use is popcorn lung. This condition is caused by the chemical diacetyl, which is used in the majority of vape liquid. Thirty-nine out of fifty-one brands tested in a 2015 study contained diacetyl. The lung tissue scarring caused by popcorn lung is irreversible. 

The decline of your dental health is included in the overall health risk you take when using regular or E-cigarettes. Not only are you at an increased risk for oral cancers, but also periodontal disease and cavities, especially among youth who are already more vulnerable to cavities. Some people might think “no big deal-a few cavities” but even if a cavity is the least of your worries from e-cigarette use, if untreated, it can quickly become necessary for you to need a crown, a root canal, or you could lose the tooth entirely. You may also experience bone loss and gum recession from periodontal disease, putting you at a higher risk for losing teeth that you otherwise could have been able to keep. If the health risks and the idea of a negatively impacted smile are not enough, think of the damage done to your bank account by the treatment you will need to maintain your oral health.

The “vapor” being inhaled when using e-cigarettes is actually an aerosol that contains particles from the liquid itself, as well as from the heating coil. Vape juice contains many of the same toxins and harmful chemicals found in tobacco products, such as formaldehyde, lead, and nickel. This toxic aerosol doesn’t just harm the user, but produces harmful secondhand effects, just like regular cigarettes.

The leading brand of E-cigarettes, JUUL, has such high levels of nicotine that one pod is equivalent to 20 packs of regular cigarettes. A recent study showed that only 37% of young adults and youth used knew that JUUL pods always contain nicotine. JUUL also boasts that their devices deliver nicotine 2.7 times faster than other brands of E-cigarettes. What they don’t advertise is the increased potential for addiction that comes along with the quick delivery of nicotine. 

Mislabeling of nicotine content is a common problem with e-liquids. Vape juice is not regulated, so it is impossible to know how much nicotine you are actually inhaling. New guidance from the FDA has been finalized regarding the regulation of vape juice, but will not take effect until 2021.

If you have ever considered quitting, there are resources to help you! Schedule an appointment to come see the team at Mirador Dental for a comprehensive dental exam, which includes an oral cancer screening. You can even book online! 

If you are interested in trying to quit smoking we can provide you with information and support for smoking cessation. Many people switch to e-cigarettes in hopes of quitting regular cigarettes, but do not actually quit. E-cigarettes are not approved by the FDA as a quit-aid. Switching is not the same as quitting. Quitting can be very challenging, but ASHline can help. They provide you with free weekly coaching, as well as financial assistance with quit-aids like gum and lozenges. Give them a call today to take the first step toward better health and a longer life. 1-800-55-66-222